The 4P’s of Educators’ Convention

We encourage all schools to attend the Educators’ Convention in order to be prepared for the challenges ahead of us.
Let us keep in mind these 4P’s.


Pray. Include the success of the Educators’ Convention 2014 in your prayer list.
Pray for the speakers, venues, and the financial needs of all schools attending.




Plan. Choose the date and site your school staff will attend.




Pay. Choose any of the payment schemes such as Early Bird, Discounted Rate, and Full Payment Rate.
There will be NO extension of deadlines!




Prepare. Please be advised that in keeping with the standard of excellence set by the
School of Tomorrow, International, we are enforcing the dress code in all the educators’ convention venues.



These 4P’s will guide your school and your school staff as Educators’ Convention 2017 nears. Remember, when we “fail to pray, plan, pay and prepare; we pray, plan, pay and prepare to fail.” See you there!”