In the 1960’s, 

The fact that many students were not performing at their grade levels compelled many to question the very structure of the conventional educational system. To address these concerns, Accelerated Christian Education designed a Biblically based educational program geared to meet the learning needs of individual children. Since 1970 A.C.E. has published Biblical self-instructional curriculum and provided training in its implementation of individualized education for Levels K-12. Today a worldwide team of more than 750 staff members provide training services, curriculum, and materials for an international network of more than 6,000 schools in 142 countries and hundreds of thousands of home educators.

In the 1974, 

Dr. Donald Howard and Dr. Robert A. Woosley visited the Philippines, making a courtesy visit to Dr. Juan Manuel – the then head of the Ministry of Education. A meeting was held at the Kowloon House Restaurant attended by interested pastors and educators. Accelerated Christian Education began to develop the potential of the Philippines as a user of its unique system of education.

In June 1978, 

After the first training session, the first Educators’ Convention was conducted and eight schools opened with used PACEs sent from schools in the USA.


There are over 500 schools nationwide and more than 1000 home school families worldwide under the School of Tomorrow (ACE) system in the Philippines, with schools along the seacoasts to high in the mountains. The system meets the needs of both poor rural children and wealthy urban children. The greatest concentration of schools is in the Metro Manila area with 96 schools.

Each of these schools is committed to train up students in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, working hand in hand with parents and church ministries.