A statement that caught my attention. Then many questions were in my mind as what kind of school is this? How much is the tuition fee? Who are the teachers? What kind of curriculum is begin used? How is the schedule? What are the different subjects and how do I go about it?

It is so interesting because your siblings are your classmates. Your parents are your teachers. You will not be ashamed to ask questions because they are your parents. The schedule is flexible but you have to set goals to be completed for the day. You have to score your own work with the supervision of your parents. They are there to help you on the things that you have not understood the first time. You have to master the lesson and get the passing score of 90% in the final test to proceed with the next module. Self-discipline is required and accomplishments are rewarded. 

Subjects from conventional school are the same within the modules. The difference is ‘Learning is the responsibility of the student not the teacher.’ There’s no place for blame game.”

The SCHOOL OF TOMORROW®, PHILIPPINES provides the above system and curriculum. If you are interested to know more, please feel free to contact us. 


  Home Education Program

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  1. Schedule
    A mother is always comforted when the, big yellow school bus arrives to fetch their children. They wake up very early in the morning or stay so late at night to prepare the kids and their school needs. Imagine removing that stress in your everyday schedule. For in homeschooling, you can set their schedule in your own relief. You will not worry to miss an important family gathering or even compromise a meeting for school event. 
  2. Budget
    No monthly fees, no fares, no deadlines, no pressure. You can minimise pulling out money for your child’s education. Homeschooling is much cheaper than regular schools that have the same educational quality that you get. Parents gives incentives based on performance rather than giving them daily allowances. Besides why do they need regular money if they are staying home? Therefore, it is one great reason or parents for homeschooling. 
  3. Connection
    Children today spend more time outside the home being with someone except their parents. To flee from being alienated with their own children, parents are using homeschooling to be with their child, spend time with them, observing them and personally train them. Many families lack this sweet fellowship of smiling with their children, helping them in their parent thirsty environment the world is having. Homeschooling gives a mighty rapport for both the child and the parents. 
  4. Safety
    Parents who homeschool their children are free of the fear about the uprising hazard and danger to their kids emotions and even life itself. In homeschool, here is no bullying in school or no classmate who brings deadly weapons to school, no everyday travel on dangerous streets or bad influences of peers. A great deal also is that, they are safe to adulterated influences they are learning outside home. 
  5. Opportunity
    A great commandment was given by God to teach our own children. This is a wonderful privilege that every parents has. A joy to teach them of life and its values. A pleasure to pass down lessons and learning no book can offer. An experience to be your own child’s teacher, mentor and adviser the person they listen to, who they give respect to and whom they treasure.