"There is a generation which they will serve and we know not what their needs will be. But God knows and we must prepare them for that work with diligence. Let us share with them the riches of God's power and blessings."
"Finding out why a student is not accomplishing a goal takes discernment on the behalf of the educator."
"For over forty years, Accelerated Christian Education® has been a key leader in the Christian school and home school movements. A.C.E.® was formed in 1970 not only to meet the academic needs of children but also to provide Godly character training."
"A distinctive element of the S.O.T.® / A.C.E.® educational program is the Student Convention Program. The uniqueness of each child is emphasized as natural talents rise to the surface."
"A day away from the norm."
The School of Tomorrow® system is progressive. It develops and it advances. It aims to keep the pace in this fast-changing world through its program.