You see, when I say “get MAD”, I am saying Make A Difference! There are many times our reaction to situations really doesn’t make much of a difference. We just allow our emotions to boil over, raise our blood pressure and we blow off steam, often offending others and making a spectacle of ourselves.
Standardized tests play a vital part in the education
of our students. S.O.T.®/A.C.E.® highly recommends that
all schools participate in standardized testing each year.
This testing is given to assess student academic progress
from year to year while providing schools, government
entities and other interested parties with data on
academic performance.
Rev. Santos has been a vital participant of the SOT®P system as he led the Jesus Flock Academy for 31 years, a Certified Model School on the system.
To clarify the applicability of the aforementioned DepEd Order No. 047, the Department of Education issued DepEd Order No. 020, s. 2018.
You can now have the Annual School Assistance Visit and Model School Status Visit at the SAME TIME!