Topnotcher of May 2018 Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination

“I strongly believe that my ACE heritage has contributed largely to this recent achievement of mine. The use of goal charts has taught me the value of keeping track of short-term goals, but it applies equally well to long-term goals, too. The individualized approach has also taught me self-discipline and time management—college is definitely not a spoonfeeding system, neither one where constant time pressure can be taken leniently. My training has helped me adjust easily to these. The content of the curriculum (Chemistry, Physics, Algebra II, etc.) is without doubt truly effective, making the transition to college-level lectures smooth. Finally and most importantly, the system has taught me to rely on God’s help at all times while exemplifying Christlike character to glorify Him and be a blessing to others. I would not have achieved this feat (and others) without His grace and the peace that exists in knowing that everything is under His control.”



Engr. Peter Matthew Paul T. Fowler

(1st Placer) Topnotcher of May 2018 Chemical Engineering Licensure Examination

A.C.E. alumnus

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