Message from the Executive Director

Determining Your Path
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119: 105

The world is filled with paths! They may be through jungles, or even vapor trails in the skies, but feet or wings make it clear that someone has passed this way.

The question in life is “Where does the path lead?” Where are people going? What is our life going to accomplish? Where will we have the greatest impact?

For many, at least by my observation, this is no longer the question. So many have no plan and no intended destination. They seem to be just existing here, but no purpose in mind. And to my mind, this is a great tragedy.

Some try to answer the question of purpose with the acquisition of material goods. A “He who has the most toys, wins” mentality is prevalent. But God says, what good is it if you gain the whole world, and you can take nothing with you to the next? (Matt. 8:36) So people seek to live life to the fullest with places traveled, things seen and experienced and above all, thrills or chances taken! People live for notoriety or public attention.

God indicates in this short verse, which is our theme, that He has a lamp to expose a place for our FEET to be safely planted. I am becoming more and more aware of the need of stability
for footing as I grow older.

Feet need a solid foundation. Walking in the dark is often dangerous. Feet are a magnificent example of design. Their complex function contributes to much more than just mobility. Balance, posture, general health and well-being are incorporated into the health of feet! How much more do young feet need the foundations strong for their first steps lest their tender  developing muscles and tendons be deformed! If they are injured, an entire life is affected. So is the education of a young child. Without proper protection for feet, all of the rest of life can be destroyed.

But then the Scripture talks of the PATH or the objective, goal and ultimate attainment. Sometimes we think of the lamp for each step, but the light is a farther reaching illuminating guide. If the distant goal is kept in focus, then the immediate trials, difficulties and hindrances will be handled. We need to never lose sight of our purpose. It is the light for the path. In the Old Testament day with the Children of Israel, God provided the Light in the darkness for them in dark times. God’s Word for us is that light. It shines bright in the shadows of trials. It shields in times of heavy persecution.

It is no wonder the writer of this passage made much of “THY WORD”! It is what sustains, supports and gives direction, protection and provisions. The School of Tomorrow® system of education is unique in that it incorporates the WORD into almost every page of instruction. It becomes a “lamp to the feet” of the studentand a “light to the path” of the learner. It prepares them to LIGHT THEIR WORLD!

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