Message from the Executive Director

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

     Our theme for the quarter is predicated by a series of statements that help us to understand the figure of speech that Jesus used.

     First consider the surroundings of the city and the candlestick. The first is the world in which the city was; the second was the house, here clearly named. Both are dark! They are in need of light. Do we realize how dark our world is? I am not talking of the world in a geographical sense. I’m talking about the world of news, society, and yes, even education.

     I wonder if we consider the darkness that pervades so many of our homes? So often our homes are darkened by the culture of television, movies, books and social media that do not reflect the light of God’s truth. But the house can also stand for the entire nation.Notice that our Lord said that a candle or lamp, which is a source of light, is not to be placed under a basket. It is to be placed on a candlestick or lampstand. It is to be displayed in a prominent place where the light rays can dispel the darkness far and wide. The entire house is to be lit by its efficient placement and radiant powers.
The School of Tomorrow® educational system seeks to prepare Light Bearers, who like the lamp will shine to dispel the darkness. Yes, we live in days that have come past the time of the lamps, the gas lanterns, the incandescent light bulbs, the fluorescent and halogen, and are now in the age of the LED bright light! We are living where the brightest light is being produced in even hand-held flashlights!

     Some of the brightest lights in history are now being presented that will expose things by the brightness never before imagined. The stages of development simply mean that today we are required to give the very best education not only to the external, but actually to the heart of each Light Bearer. It must be a clean and pure light that will dramatically penetrate the darkness. Each student in our school is a potential Light Bearer to bring glory to the Father who is in heaven!

     I am praying that our students will realize the importance of their calling. I implore every Staff member to realize the importance of the preparation that we are giving. We are building Light Bearers! How that light will shine and how it will glorify our Father depends on the quality and effort we put forth. We seek to build not only the academic, but even more, the character of the Light that will shine. Remember Jesus said, “I AM the light of the world!” (John 8:12)
So we are building Light Bearers, but Jesus is still the LIGHT!

     Our task is great; the world is dark. Our work is monumental; let’s prepare Light Bearers. We have a commission! Let’s Light Our World!

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