Home Educators’ Training and Convention in Dubai

The School of Tomorrow Philippines’ Home Educators Training and Convention, spearheaded by Mrs. Em Camacho, SOT®P Homeschool Senior Manager, was held at the Flora Grand Hotel in Deira, Dubai from November 25-27.

The Parents’ Orientation-Training on the first two days was attended by 28 parents who enthusiastically went through the Parent Orientation Pace and the Home Educators’ Manual. The training was handled by Mrs. Camacho and Mr. Matthew Bautista, SOT®P Executive Manager. Sisters, Mrs. Sherlin Camacho-Duazo and Dr. Eirene Camacho-Bautista, who assisted in the training, also administered the Diagnostic Tests to prospective homeschoolers.

The Dubai Home Educators’ Convention (HEDCON), which was held on the third day, completed the eleven-leg 2019 EdCon series, which commenced in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in July and travelled to nine regional venues in the Philippines. 106 parents attended the convention who were all grateful for the messages they heard and the workshops in which they participated.

Rev Delbert Hooge, SOT®P Executive Director, gave the opening and closing lessons on “Defining the Light of Education” and “Dispelling the Darkness” respectively. The other lecturers were Mrs. Lora Hooge on “Social Media: Gadgets and Games,” Pastor Erich Bernard Santos on “Why S.O.T.: The Bible as the Source of Light in Education” and “Taking the Light to the Heart of the Student,” and Bro. Pol Camacho, PREF Board Member, on “Establishing Family Devotions.” Bro. and Mrs. Camacho handled the workshops while Sir Matthew & Dr. Eirene Bautista led the ice-breakers.

A new sense of excitement was stirred up for next year’s training and convention.

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