Teaching your child to dream

Likewise, for students doing S.O.T.®/A.C.E.®, setting goals and working through PACEs can become a monotonous daily exercise. One responsibility God has given parents is to teach their children to DREAM. This takes on a special meaning for homeschool parents, as they have the unique privilege of spending quality time with their children on a daily basis. Homeschool moms and dads have the advantage of watching their children develop and grow, and can help identify and nurture their children’s individual talents and strengths so that they can ultimately live their dreams.

Without some guidance, it is difficult for children to see the end result when they are working through their PACEs. They need to be guided through the learning process so that they can see beyond their daily goals.

Many adults change jobs more than once in their lifetime. A vast number of students never end up in the career for which they studied at a tertiary institution. People often don’t understand why they were created, and some completely miss their purpose.

With this in mind, parents should teach their children that God has a specific plan and purpose for which He has created every human being on the face of the earth. Each person is unique, with a specific combination of talents and a personality unlike anybody else’s in this world. Proverbs says, “As a man thinks he is, so is he…” If a child thinks he is a winner, then that’s what he will be. The opposite is also true. There is power in words.

Never be scared to encourage your children to dream. Children love to fantasize when they are small. As they grow up, the reality around them can become overwhelming. Many people will convince them that their dreams are unrealistic and out of reach. They may lose the ability to trust God to do the seemingly impossible in their lives. It’s not difficult to be a nobody, but when God steps in, a nobody becomes a somebody.

“Most people have become content with going through the routine of getting up in the mornings, going to work, coming back to do house chores… and never seem to be able to break the cycle.”

Keep praying for your children. Ask God for wisdom as to how to encourage them to keep looking up and aspire to be the best they can be.

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