School may be cancelled. But learning? NEVER with School of Tomorrow®!

            In keeping with our individualized system, SOT®P encourages all our schools to make an effort to assist our learners to make progress while they are required to stay home. While our schools do not ‘owe’ this to their students, our individual schools will endeavor to proceed with learning and accomplish what is needed to fulfill fourth quarter requirements.

            We recommend that students and staff be in uniform and as much as possible to retain a professional approach to all learning situations. Parents should provide a place for students to work with minimal distractions.

            Following are present guidelines whereby our students can continue their PACE work at home.  All are subject to change.

  1. Staff remains assigned to the same Learning Center. Mini-Class staff and/or office staff may be assigned to assist in specific L.C.s.
  2. A great deal of work can be done through instant messaging such as Messenger, Hangouts, Viber etc. All students should establish an account and use their given first and last names (no nick names).
  3. Staff should create a new identity–other than their personally used account. Such as “TBtwo” (Trailblazer’s Learning Center section two). Staff should also be prepared to keep a separate log of all activity i.e. who called, and a summary of what was covered in that call.
  4. Learning center students are assigned to individual staff members. For this time of class suspension, Monitors will take on all the responsibilities of a Supervisor. i.e. scoring, review for Check Ups, Self-Tests (all learning or academic inquiries).
  5. Each L.C. Staff is assigned specific students and will ALSO be assigned specific subjects and PACE numbers. Example: I have ten students and I am in possession of the Score Keys for English and Literature 1049-1060.
    • Staff will contact student to see that the instant messenger is established and that the student understands what they are to do and how to do it.
    • Student will message the staff member in charge of their PACE subject and number. 
      All scoring will now take place as well as any academic question and review for Check Ups and Self-Tests.
    • Students now will call their designated staff member to score and/or with any other concern–per subject.
    • Pace Tests will be scheduled the following day of the Self-Test and be given orally (through dictation). This will be on a case to case basis.
    • When a new PACE is needed, parents can send the used PACE back to school and obtain a new or repeat PACE through a delivery service (LalaMove or the like). This is a downloadable App.  Parent will shoulder the fee incurred.
    • It will be advantageous for students to accomplish two to three tests on the same day in order to save on transport expenses.
NOTE: there are yet many challenges to be figured out.
  • Please be careful to never show Score Keys or PACE Tests on your screen.
  • Please see for guidelines that may be useful to handle lecture classes. This may also be a way to hold devotions or chapel.

*as implemented by Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow (Model School)


  1. This is the best way to avoid work overload upon resumption of classes. But since majority of our students live just near the school, parents picked up the new PACES on guard station/designated area near the school gate. This has been our SOP before the enhanced community quarantine has just been imposed today.

  2. Allysa cabangon

    Good day po. How about po sa preschool with ace and Christi? Are we allowed to send audio clip for animal friend song/letter sound? How about po yung paces instructions for the preschoolers? Salamat po

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