Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; Isaiah 54:2

Every child is born to grow. Every seed is planted with the anticipation of growth. Every business start-up begins with the vision of growth. Every marriage begins with the desire to fulfill the commissions of fruitfulness which God ordained in the garden with the first couple in this human family.

How wonderful a picture the writer used when the tent as opposed to the solid walls of a concrete or stone house is used to illustrate a command for Israel to prepare itself for expansion. The tent with easily lifted walls, easily movable location and even overlapping hangings had the freedom of few other dwellings.

When most of our schools began we began small, but we did   not necessarily think small. We thought big thoughts. We were generally thinking far outside our comfort zones. We were stepping, as did Peter when his feet swung over the side of his fishing boat into raging waters of uncertainty. Most of us had never walked this way before.  Something deep inside gave us the courage to do what we did. I would say it was a confidence much like what Peter had when Jesus said, “COME”!

It was the assurance that we were doing the will of God in starting our schools. It was not without fear. It was not without serious consideration. But it was, without a doubt realizing that this was what God wanted us to do! It also was with a firm faith that God would sustain us.

For many of us the years have taught us that we had much to learn. We were not perhaps fully prepared in advance for what was coming our way. But nevertheless we can look back and we can say that we did what God asked us to do and HE never failed us, forsook us or left us without showing us that the vision he gave us was unworthy of the effort! We have been richly rewarded in seeing the lives of young people he brought our way impacted by his Word in miraculous ways.

Now, after 42 years (a generation) we are being replaced by those who have been trained in our schools. Their job is not to start schools but to continue. It is for us to perpetuate the vision and enlarge the vision we began with for them to continue and increase in the days to come. We must seek new places to start schools where demographics demand, where pockets of population have begun. We must preach the power of training a generation in God’s Word as never before because we are witness to the deteriorating time s in which we live. God’s Word and His principles are the source of life values that educators seek. We have them interwoven into the subject matter of our academic fabric.

Let us seek to enlarge the tents by way of the influence of our schools, the number of our schools and the impact that we have in our locations. God has given us a treasure in this educational system. Let’s share it in every way possible.


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